The Success Story of the Free Virtual Clinic

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In just a matter of two months, our world has turned upside down. Yearly plans have gone out the
window and there seems to be no end to this pandemic. Workplaces have moved online, daily
wage earners are depressed, and those who have been laid off do not see a clear picture of what
the future holds for them.
While the uncertainty was causing depression amongst mentally healthy individuals and
aggravating the condition of those who were suffering from mental health issues, we, at
ReliveNow joined our heads together to come up with a solution to this problem. Belonging to
the mental health sector which is highly stigmatized, it was important to create awareness
regarding mental health issues and rising issues, especially during this time. At the same time, it
was important to reduce the taboo surrounding seeking mental health help.
The team finally came up with an answer. ReliveNow’s mental health professionals panel was
requested to volunteer for providing free sessions to individuals affected by the pandemic.
Because the need was a lot, hour-long sessions could not cater to the audience effectively. We
decided to keep 15-minute sessions to cater to everyone within our resources. Within a week we
rolled out registration forms for the people. The number of people registering initially was less
which indicated the taboo of mental health. But as time passed, ReliveNow’s Free Virtual Clinic
began to create ripples in the sea. Booked at full capacity, our team geared up to provide
everyone with our services.
Two months later, we were able to give 10,000+ minutes of free therapy and impacted more than
700,000 lives and growing! We dedicate the success of the clinic to our dedicated mental health
professionals and team who have worked hard despite being faced by similar situations to help
the community and reduce the mental health impact of the situation. We hope to continue making
our impact as a mental health and wellbeing organization.
Visit our website for more details and registration for the Free Virtual Clinic.
For more updates on ReliveNow, like and follow our Facebook page . Stay safe and stay positive!
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