Free Virtual Clinic and its Benefits for COVID-19 !

 In Covid19

While we may be practicing social distancing by staying at home, or have loved ones who have
the COVID-19, mental health is at stake for all. From living mode, the mind has turned itself to
survival mode where every step that we take, and everything that we touch can be a threat. Those
who are suffering from COIVD-19 have far greater mental health issues because they might not
know the cause of the virus, nor the severity and duration. While many NGOs are working to
provide basic necessities to the underprivileged people, it was important that mental wellbeing
was also taken into account because it is a need that no one can deny at the moment.

ReliveNow with support from Hilton pharma presents its Free Virtual Clinic for everyone,
regardless of age, gender, location, and condition. 15 minutes with one of the best mental health
professionals with the country can help you feel more relaxed and lighter in a way that you will
feel the difference.

A mental health Free Virtual Clinic was the need of the hour to help those who have COVID-19,
those who are scared, those who miss loved ones, those who are not sure what to do, and those
who are feeling lost.

You can be an employee, having the most productive days when compared to others around you,
but mental health is an aspect that you cannot deny needs care at this time especially.

You can be a house-wife and engaged with children the whole day that does not mean that only
the depressing news is causing mental health to deteriorate. Change in routine from a few hours
to yourself when the kids were at school to having to put up with their rants round the clock can
be tiring.

You can be an idle employee and while the people around you continue to utilize their time
working online, you cannot help the nature of your job. There must be day when you feel
unproductive and miss the days when you used to come home so tired that there was no time
even to think about other things, so you left those things for the weekend. Now when you seem
to have all the time in the world, you need to understand that there are many things that may
have seemed insignificant then, but are refreshing like spending time with your family.

You can be a parent or a grandparent and the reality of the virus being harmful for the elderly
might have you feeling numb that you start to notice the things around you, the laugh of your
grandchild, or a moment together with the family, or simply a shared meal. While you learn to
realize these things, you need to make sure that your mental health is intact so you can cherish
these moments to the fullest before everyone gets back to their routines again.

You can be a student and engaged in the load of assignments and juggling your time with online
classes, and feel overwhelmed. Therapy was something you wouldn’t even consider in your
regular routine, but the feeling of being flooded with school or college work can make you feel
tired, even if you’re getting the time to sleep for 8+ hours in a day.

You can be a doctor or paramedic staff, the frontline warriors in the situation and seeing
hundreds of patients’ everyday suffer from the virus, even more so, watching many in critical
condition can make you feel restless and uncertain about your own health. It is equally important
that while you are taking care of your health and hygiene during this time, your mental health is
not neglected. If you feel that you and other colleagues need mental health therapy, you can
always request the hospital management to subscribe to an online mental health service to
maintain yourself and keep you fit, physically and mentally, in this time when the whole nation
needs you. In the meanwhile, Free Virtual Clinic is at your service.

All in all, the Free Virtual Clinic is for you. For everyone in this situation because we know,
whatever your circumstances are, your mental health needs care. ReliveNow prioritizes your
mental health because we know that it makes all the difference. Register now at for your Free session today! If you know others around you who needs
mental health help, recommend it to them too!

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