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ReliveNow is offering FREE of charge, 15-minute counselling sessions,where you will be able to connect with a mental health professional.

Limited slots available.

Make your mental health a priority.

Anonymous, affordable and accessible online service at your disposable.


About ReliveNow

ReliveNow is a mental health solutions company providing online and offline counselling and therapy services; awareness sessions regarding mental health; and corporate services for employee well-being customized according to the company’s requirements.
we provide anonymous, convenient, and cost-effective mental health services with qualified mental health professionals with up to 25 years of experience! No matter where you are, who you are, or where you live we have got your mental health covered!


About Relievenow

Our first service is an online counselling and therapy platform that allows individuals suffering from mental illness(es) to get the help they need from a licensed, qualified mental health professional of their own choosing. The counselling and therapy sessions provided are anonymous affordable, and convenient. We provide a comprehensive directory of professionals that allows customers to choose the best suited professional for themselves. No matter where you are, who you are, or where you live we have got your mental health covered

Why Choose ReliveNow

  • Online counselling has been very helpful for me, given that my work hours are very long. My psychologist was very professional, listened to what I had to say and openly discussed my problems. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with her.

    22, F
  • My psychologist discussed my life problems in detail. She appreciated my strength and also offered help to cope with stree. Over all it was a good and healing experience.

    25, M
  • I was very skeptical at first taking my session online for social anxiety. My counsellor made sure I was comfortable during the sessions and gave me assignments to work on that would help me get better. It's a long road ahead, but at least I am on the right path.

    27, F

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